We are driven by the love of Christ to love our neighbors as ourselves. At Northside Outreach Ministry, this love takes shape in our mission as described below.

Restoring Our Streets To Dwell In

  • The per capita income in Highland Park is $21,528. (censusreport.org, tract 108)
  • 24.7% of adults have no high school diploma and 34.5% have only high school diploma.
  • 42% of the households are single mom / grandparent.

The Northside Outreach Center has been working since 2004 to revitalize the Highland Park community. Our desire is to bring positive transformation by spiritually, relationally and economically connecting people to needed resources, mentoring, discipleship and community outreach.

Richmond Community Outreach Program Prayer

Reclaiming This Generation

  • In the 2015-2016 school year, 5 of the 5 schools in the Census Tract 108, 109 and 110 (Overby-Sheppard Elementary, Henderson and Martin Luther King Middle Schools, and John Marshall and Armstrong High Schools) received a rating of “focused” and “priority” due to failing to meet state and federal SOL standards.
  • Overby-Sheppard Elementary and Barack Obama Elementary consistent under perform in reading and math proficiency, 62% and 69% respectively.
  • Graduation rate for the 2 area high schools, John Marshall is 82% and Armstrong is 52%
  • Crime incidents in Richmond Public Schools are 2-4 times higher in seven out of nine categories than the state public schools average. (VA Dept. of Education)
  • 30% of the children in the 108, 109 and 110 Census Tracts of the Highland Park community are living in poverty. (2020 Census / censusreporter.org)

Knowing that the current generation of children and youth determine our future, the NOC places a great emphasis on reaching the young. Through our ministries and partnerships with Youth Life Foundation, we are able to build and maintain lasting, positive relationships with kids who are greatly in need of love, encouragement, guidance, and support.

Highland Park Learning Center Tutoring Mentor

Rebuilding Families

  • 60% of Highland Park households with children are single parent homes compared to the city average of 24.6%. (2020 census)
  • 23% of the households are married compared to the city average of 30%

The NOC believes in the sanctity and value of the family. We believe that many of the problems in high-crime, low income neighborhoods are directly linked to the breakdown of the family unit, so we strive to support, challenge, and uplift adults hoping that they will learn to do the same in their own families.

Family in Highland Park

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